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High Fives

How we work

We cover a wide range of data science and software development. We've developed NLP, computer vision, time series, recommendation systems, data-driven business development, big data and cloud solutions over the years. We deliver real market solutions (MLOps). We are open for collaboration, joint product development, seeking funding. We are also looking to hire data scientists and software developers.

1. Administration

Signing of a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement

2. Conversation

Getting to know and understand business needs

3. Getting to know and understand data

4. Concluding a contract

5. Data Cleaning​

6. Preparing Data for the selected model(s)

7. Model parameterization, training

8. Evaluation of results

9. Optimalization​

10. Demoing results

Making further changes / optimizations based on feedback

11. Deployment​

(eg. deploying REST API, Docker container)

12. Preparation of documentation


On a project basis or hourly rate basis

whether it's a new development or a team member

or a new team member.

Medior - Senior
Data Scientists and Developers

15-100 $ + VAT / hour


Simple invoicing with Ltd.

Quality, fast, scalable work

Ongoing communication, senior-level support

Minimal administration

0 extra cost

Project management support

5 (1).png

Fast. Scalable. Qualitative.

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