How We Work

1. Administration

Signing of a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement

2. Conversation

Getting to know and understand business needs

3. Getting to know and understand data
4. Concluding a contract
5. Data Cleaning​
6. Preparing Data for the selected model(s)
7. Model parameterization, training
8. Evaluation of results
9. Optimalization​
10. Demoing results

Making further changes / optimizations based on feedback

11. Deployment​

(eg. deploying REST API, Docker container)

12. Preparation of documentation

Possible data types we work with

  • Text (e-mail, logs, articles, blogs, comments, posts, Google search lets you import a wealth of relevant data alongside the data your company collects, contracts, product descriptions, customer reviews and feedback, pdf, doc, txt, other formats)


  • Timeline based data (exchange rates, sensor data, industry-wide measurement data, CPU usage data) and customer activity data (purchase, page open, scroll, click, time on page, leaving page))


  • Videos and Images


  • Metadata


  • Sound (phone calls, environmental noise)


  • Session and event data

Our most frequently ordered data science services

Dropout test & forecast

Evidence of how much revenue can be increased by reducing dropout by 10%

Generally, we can reduce dropout by 10-50%

Advantage of analysis: change of service

Advantage of prediction: users close to dropping out can be searched with offers and suggestions

Increase conversion based on data

Understanding and understanding the reasons of visitor conversion with data science, machine learning

Improving conversions: Here’s how to make your business better

Improve conversion even with an artificial intelligence-based service behind an API

Developing a data strategy

We help you determine what data should be collected and how to maximize the potential of your data.

Computer Vision (Machine Vision)

Nowadays, with the growth of storage space, more and more images and videos are available on the World Wide Web. We deal with object recognition, identification and detection.