AI Under ground

Sewer drain

AI is being used to help with sewage, both in cost and in avoiding hazards related to underground work. One of SewerAI’s systems, equipped with machine vision, analyzes videos of the pipeline network beneath cities to find damage. The system classifies defects such as cracks, holes, displacements, roots, or other natural intrusions. Videos are then […]

Depression, drugs, machine learning

Different types of medicine

With machine learning, you no longer have to experiment for months with different drugs to help you fight depression. Deep learning can predict how patients will respond to different antidepressant medications. Based on these predictions, the most appropriate treatment is selected. The process includes scanning patients’ brains; those with depression show various patterns of depressed […]

AI versus garbage

Packaging of a shipment

Do you have a packaging company? Do you deal with logistics? If you want to be greener, use AI (you could even save)! 🙂 Amazon has developed an AI-based system that reduces its ecological footprint. It combines product descriptions, images and structured data to decide the optimal packaging for home delivery of products. So far, […]