About Us

We are not the ones who are ALSO involved in AI (artificial intelligence) development. We are specialized in it! Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence. These are how we spend our daily lives. We are data scientists and machine learning engineers. One of us is in the top 5% of data scientists at Kaggle, the world’s best-known data science platform. The other has already completed more than 30 successful projects worldwide for more than 20 different clients. But we also work with researchers, mathematicians and software developers.

Our Team


Gerzson Boros


Data Science, Machine Learning, Strategy, Management, Marketing, Planning, NLP


Csanád Czárth

Project Coordinator

Management, Data Science, Communication, Administration


Tahir Muhammed

Data Scientist

Planning, Machine Vision, Text analytics, Text Mining


Tayyab Ali

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, Machine Vision, Timeline Analysis & Prediction, Data Science Domain Knowledge


Gábor Madarász

Junior Data Analyst

Python, Data Preparing, Data Cleaning


Ferenc Wimmer

Junior Data Analyst

Economics, Analysis, Administration

They told about us

Our partners have sent us a number of positive feedbacks.

This is the first time that I have worked with Gerzson but I was so impressed with his expertise and great overall service. He communicated often with me and I am extremely satisfied with the end outcome.

Christopher A. Williams Co-founder at Boardman & Williams GbR

Gerzson was great! From understanding our needs and execution to reporting. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Brooks CEO of Hideaway Report

Gerzson is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely be working with him again on future projects.

Matt Cowell CEO of QuantHub

Gerzson did an awesome job. We’ve had several other freelancers do similar work, but the work Gerzson did was the best. I hope to work with Gerzson again on future projects and would have no hesitation to do so.

Nathan Black Chief Data Scientist at QuantHub

Gerzson is a highly-talented and responsible guy with very good communication skills. I enjoyed working with him!

Satisfied Customer German Engineer

Our Clients