AI Under ground

Sewer drain

AI is being used to help with sewage, both in cost and in avoiding hazards related to underground work.

One of SewerAI’s systems, equipped with machine vision, analyzes videos of the pipeline network beneath cities to find damage. The system classifies defects such as cracks, holes, displacements, roots, or other natural intrusions. Videos are then analyzed by either sewer workers or specially developed robots. The system was trained on  100,000 videos taken during the inspection of the sewer pipes, which totaled about 3 million minutes of footage. The program inspects 200,000 meters of pipe per month and completes, in a day, tasks that previously took weeks or months.

AI is doing the dirty work for more and more companies, and more U.S. and European companies are starting to use robots and artificial intelligence to detect pipe defects.

Defective pipes can cause floods, spread illness, pollute water and endanger the lives of those who work in these systems;. AI is ​​helping tackle these problems.